COVID-19 Updates

We are here for you!! Our office will remain open in order to treat patients who need us. It is VITAL that we do our part as Podiatrists to keep our patients from going to the Emergency rooms at our local hospitals, or urgent care centers during this critical time!! The goal is to keep patients risk as low as possible from contracting COVID-19! To achieve this, they must stay away from ER’s and urgent care centers unless they are having a medical emergency. We will be here for anyone with acute injuries, infections, cellulitis, infected ingrown toenails, and unstable foot wounds. Anyone who is stable and is not having any acute issues should postpone their appointments. We are following all of the CDC guidelines to keep you and your family safe!! We have been diligent in keeping a clean and healthy environment!

Steps we are taking to keep you safe:

  1. Thoroughly cleaning treatment chairs in between patient visits.
  2. Staff is cleaning hands each time they leave the treatment room.
  3. Our waiting room is cleaned every morning, afternoon, and evening with disinfecting wipes.
  4. All door knobs are cleaned hourly.
  5. All surfaces are cleaned with wipes that kill viruses and bacteria.
  6. Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized three times a day.

Thank you for your patience & we will all get through this together